OctavioHair uses locally sourced ingredients and is 100% cruelty free. We strive to give back to the community by creating environmentally friendly products and creating content for a healthy lifestyle. 

"When you purchase an OctavioHair product, you are purchasing a handcrafted, locally sourced product that comes straight from the heart. Wherever you are in the world, when your OctavioHair product comes in the mail, it holds the same amount of love and care that I show my clients here in Los Angeles."


Octavio Molina was born in Mexico and now resides in Los Angeles. His innovative nature has attracted celebrity clientele and numerous collaborators in the TV and Fashion industries. The jetsetting hair stylist in Beverly Hills, New York, and London has created a brand that embodies the essence of both city and sea for the client that appreciates healthy hair and expertly styled effortlessness.

The Octavio Molina Brand represents a love both of nature and metropolitan life. The Octavio Brand appreciates that a client wants hair that can go from effortless and beachy to structured and sleek. The Octavio products are created with both of these looks in mind. Created with essential oils and herbs, the Octavio products embody the essence of nature while giving hair the liveliness of the city.


The illusive Octavio Woman is constantly moving, but never looks like she’s in a rush. Whether she sports expertly tousled waves or slicked back locks, The Octavio Woman understands that her hairstyle determines the vibe that emanates from her throughout the day. Everyone that comes across the Octavio Woman understands that she’s got it together.


The Octavio Man expertly styles his effortless look. He understands that the man with a plan is the one who succeeds. The Octavio man knows that thoroughly clean and invigorated hair speaks volumes. This knowledge, combined with heavy hitting Octavio products, is power.