The Next to No Effort Beach Waves

A couple of weeks ago I invited Sofia Santos, a full-time student in Los Angeles CA, who does not have too much time to spare in the mornings getting ready; I wanted her to create for my blog EASY, NO HEAT, BEACH WAVES, the results were amazing. Sometimes I will find myself using this technique on set when I am working with several models for a campaign and time doesn't allow for the traditional heat process to achieve BEACH HAIR, the results are so natural and effortless, give it a try and let me know what you think 

1. Begin with damp hair

2. Apply a pea sized amount of Argan Oil to the ends of hair to soften hair and prevent fly aways. 

3. Loosely braid hair into two braids and apply a generous amount of La Playa salt spray to braids. 

4. Now go to sleep, do your makeup, make breakfast. Whatever you want. Give your braids time to dry and set.

5. Undo braids and apply a pea sized amount of Barro Styling Clay to give hair a more piecey texture.

6. Go out and take over the world, obviously.