Shifting my perception....

During my morning run, I came across a series of homes in Santa Monica, California. I often find inspiration in my environment. I love architecture, and I find it to be very exciting, one can express the way one feels throughout these buildings. Hair-styling is very much the same way, it allows me to express my feelings and create an image for someone else. It's very impactful and beautiful. 

Photo May 18-5.jpeg

Those buildings eventually become our homes, and we get to create memories and experiences. That's what OctavioHair is about, a line of hair products which intentions are the same, to help our friends and customers to create memories and amazing experiences. I take a lot of pride in the content we create. It's inclusive; we are locally made and no animal testing. 

These last few weeks I have been working on being more present, smelling the roses, talking and complimenting strangers, I shifted my perception, it's uncomfortable but empowering, I believe it's crucial to put good intentions behind our actions.  I like to invite you to stop doing whatever it's that you are doing, and look around, find beauty in those who practice a different religion, find beauty in those whose skin color might be darker or lighter than yours, those who sexual orientations might be different than yours. Find what makes you connect, ultimately, we all are here doing the same thing, LIVING! Share this message with your loved ones.  


Octavio M.