Nikki DeRoest, Rachel Zoe's hairstylist, shared her top beauty secrets on these Q+A for the OctavioHair blog 😀 "THE CREATOR SERIES."

About two years I got hired to a job (editorial campaign), the day before the shoot I got an email with the info for the shoot, to my surprise there was another hairdresser hired for the shoot. I immediately freaked out; my ego started to feed me all kinds of insecurities. The following day (day of the shoot) I arrived on set, and I find this beautiful girl, with perfect skin and gorgeous hair, she warmly introduced herself, "Hi I am Nikki" and immediately remember her name from the call sheet, "She was the other hairdresser." We started the day, and as the day went on, I felt in love with her energy, her talent and the way she carried herself. Nikki and I have developed a friendship, she is a successful, genuine, knowledgeable  Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, and writes her own blog HELLOTOBEAUTY.COM

When I started to entertain the idea of creating "THE CREATOR SERIES" the first person who came to mind was Nikki. I want this new venture to be about the people who bring knowledge, light, and love to this world by being so devoted to their craft. 

I  got to spend some quality time with Nikki, did her hair, took photos of her favorite beauty products and got her to share with me (for you guys) the do's and don't's of social media (check out Nikki's insta), career advice and some of her extensive beauty knowledge. 

Without further due, here is the first installment of the "Creator Series"  a Q&A with Nikki Deroest.

    1.    When did you first take an interest in the world of beauty? 

I was born with it!  My mother had a salon in our house growing up, so from the moment I could talk, I was in the salon with her and her clients.  The older women used to let me sit on their laps while they were getting a perm (this was the 80’s), and they always laughed at how much I could speak from such an early age.  I watched my mom cut hair my whole life and started to have a go at it in high school with my very brave friends trusting that I knew what I was doing…..(I was excellent at faking it….)  I remember buying Bobbi Brown and Kevyn Aucoin’s books around the age 12 or 13 and was obsessed ever since.  Beauty has always been a passion for me.

    2.    What made you choose to pursue it as a career? 

It wasn’t even a “choice” it was something I always knew I wanted to do.  I tried to go to college for a year just to say I tried, but I always knew that the beauty industry was where my heart was.  Soon after, I was able to apprentice under an incredible hairdresser where I learned the ins and outs of hairdressing and also worked at Nordstrom doing makeup as a part-time job while I was learning how to do hair.  I was always torn between hair and makeup because I had such a passion for both, and have gotten deep with both of them at different times.  I am grateful that I can do both, and that if I get burnt out at one, I put more attention on the other.  The variety of both and the challenge of both keeps me feeling inspired and passionate.

    3.    What were your most memorable or impactful career moments? 

My first big job I did with Elle Magazine, where I got to create the beauty looks on an advertorial that we were shooting.  I felt like a rockstar being flown to NYC and shooting at Milk Studios, and couldn't believe that everyone was listening to my suggestions and art direction.  I always looked at magazines and knew that I could do what I saw, so to have the opportunity to do it was a big moment for me finally.  I remember calling my mom and crying the night before the shoot because I had worked so hard and been through a lot in my 20’s to get to that moment.  Now I’m grateful to continue to be able to editorials for big magazines, and just recently shot my first two covers!  I also have had many victories along the way with my blog, and am so proud of some of the cool collaborations and brands I get to work.  

    4.    What is the one message you hope to communicate/impact you want to have on people with Hello
To Beauty? 

I want to show people that beauty doesn’t have to be complicated.  I am a minimalist (or just very efficient) when getting myself ready, so I want others also to be able to feel that ease and confidence.  I want women to feel empowered to be the best version of themselves, and also educate them based on my knowledge in the beauty industry.  That’s also why I test out a lot of products so I can take the guessing game out of what could be very confusing if you don’t know what is what in the beauty world.

Part two of the Nikki's Q&A will be available next week 💫🤘