Two Tips for Your 'Tail

A couple of weeks ago we invited @itstaylorcooper to the OctavioHair studio to share with us simple ways to upgrade your pony tail with minimal effort. We pulled our camera out and documented everything she did for you guys. She is always so knowledgeable and such a pro with her (I even, as a hair dresser learnt from her) scroll down below to learn all about and let us know what you guys think. 





#1 Prep: Spraying some dry shampoo is perfect for preventing oil from weighing down your hair after a day running around town, and gives it a light and airy texture that makes your ponytail look extra wispy and gorgeous.



#2: The Art of Effortlessness: Gently tug a few pieces of your pony out. If you'd like, you can also twirl these pieces around your fingers with a tiny bit of styling clay to give them a slight wave. These wispy bits of hair will make it look undone and stylish.