Everyday Editorial: Using Hair Heroes to Incorporate Editorial Glam into Your Everyday Hair

Incorporate the glamour of editorial hair into your everyday hair with these styling tips

#1: Smooth and Sleek

Use Argan Oil to Smooth out Flyaways

Accessorize by applying rubber bands or clips to a front section of your hair. Unconventional, and so chic. 

#2: Wild & Texturized Baby Hairs:

Use Barro styling clay to pull out baby hairs from an undo and twist them to create a lived in, cool style. 

#3: Two Textured Pony

Go all the way like the photo above, or start off with applying La Playa Salt Spray and lightly teasing curled hair for a less dramatic look. 

#3: Let Your Hair Be Wild

Use Dry Shampoo to give hair a little pick me up, flip it over, muss it up, and just let it be...naturally chic. 

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