Style Like Stevie: Recreating this Seventies Dream Hair

Inspired by the coven mother of rock and roll and witchy style, today we're showing you how to re-create this haircut with a modern twist. 

1. Ask for a full fringe: Stevie's heavy fringe was her signature seventies style. 

2. Texture, Texture, Texture: Your best styling trick is letting your hair run wild and free. Mist your hair with salt spray to add to the undone, carefree texture. 

3. Face Framing: Ask your hairstylist to cut layers around your face, starting at the cheeks, with no real structure, to create Stevie's Signature Style. 

4. Curl random pieces of hair while leaving other pieces straight, creating a dynamic texture that shifts throughout the day. 

Octavio MolinaComment