Mane like Marilyn: Vintage Volumized Wave

It is impossible to dive into re-creating the most iconic hairstyles without touching on Marilyn Monroe's unforgettable signature style. With bounce, body, and blondness, this style was, and always will be, simply iconic. 

Mane like Marilyn: Volumized Waves inspired by Marilyn Monroe

1. Section your hair: back, sides, and top. 

2. Apply a small amount Barro Styling Clay to sections to prepare your hair to hold it's curl. 

3. Curl the sides and back sections by directing a 1 1/2 inch curling iron away from your face and curling towards the underside of your hair. 

4. Curl the top section by curling hair vertically, overdirecting the hair to create lift. You're basically creating a side part with your curling iron by curling at the root, vertically, towards the opposite side of your head. 

5. Spray adjustable hairspray, with the dial on medium, six inches away from hair, and gently brush out curls and set them in place.

Octavio MolinaComment