Ask Octavio: What's in my Set Bag?

When I'm not developing new products or creating new and exciting content for OctavioHair, I'm usually jetting from one client to another in any number of metropolitan cities. From Los Angeles, to New York, to Miami, I always have the same set of essentials in the set bag I take everywhere. 

On set of an editorial photoshoot in Mojave, Calif., Summer 2016.

On set of an editorial photoshoot in Mojave, Calif., Summer 2016.

What's in my Set Bag

YS Park Fine Tooth Comb: I love these combs. At an affordable price point, they're quality made and perfect to take everywhere without worrying about losing them or breaking them. 

OctavioHair Beach Kit: Whether a client needs a quick wash, some texturizing before a shoot, or a full blown style from scratch, the OctavioHair travel kits have all my effortless style essentials in handy TSA approved packaging. 

OctavioHair Barro Styling Clay: I've recently fallen in love with Barro all over again. It's perfect for creating any style. This clay thickens individual strands of hair, creating a texturizing structure that lasts throughout the entire day. Barro clay includes purifying agents that draw dirt out from the hair without stripping it from its natural oils.

Mason Pearson Nylon Hairbrush: This handcrafted hairbrush is my go to brush. Mason Pearson doesn't compromise on quality, and their variety of bristles and brush selection tools are hard to beat. 

OctavioHair Rocio Du Jour Hairspray: My favorite thing about this hairspray is the fact that it has an adjustable dial, so it can provide light, medium, or heavy coverage without leaving your hair stiff or sticky.




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