The Everyday Edie: How to get Iconic and Effortless Texture

This priceless piece-y texture is a widely sought after style, as modeled by the timeless, stylish, stunning Edie Sedgwick. When you get it just right, this style will make you want to take selfies all day, and just might give you that extra boost of confidence walking into work, a meeting, or a get together with the ladies. 

The Everyday Edie: A Piece-y, Effortless Texture

1. Start by applying salt spray throughout the roots of damp hair.

2. Blow dry hair with a flat brush in all different directions

3. Apply styling clay to the mid shaft of hair, about a pea sized amount

4. Blow dry from mid shaft to end with a small round brush to define texture and to mold the hair with styling clay

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