OctavioHair: Why We Do What We Do

A lot of people talk about the struggles of being a small company, but there are so many beautiful things that come from being a tinier businesses. Recently, the OctavioHair team (which consists of CEO/Founder Octavio Molina, and his creative assistant), took back complete control of the company - distribution, social media, and ownership. 

"Sometimes you feel like it gets to be too much, managing everything, and so you hire someone to take care of distribution, or posting on instagram," Octavio says. "But when you're starting out, you can lose sight of what makes the company yours, what makes it special. The personality gets distorted, and people don't connect as much anymore." 

"Taking back the company has given us an opportunity to reconnect with our customer base and treat them with the same care we treat friends and family - giving them a personal and meaningful experience. Every package comes with a handwritten note from me, and is hand packaged by us. It's important for us to stay small while maintaining our global vision." 

We take a lot of pride in our products. We support local businesses by manufacturing in our hometown of Los Angeles. This accounts for our price point which, while affordable, is above the price one would pay in their local drugstore for shampoo and conditioner.

"We use natural ingredients inspired by the beauty and liveliness of nature. So, at the end of your shopping experience, you've got a hand packaged, hand crafted, sweet smelling product. Then you can begin the invigorating and spa like experience of actually using the products. From start to finish, we want you to feel beautiful, appreciated, and empowered." 

Thank you so much for joining and supporting us on our journey and shopping with us. We love you and your hair, forever. Here's to 2017. 



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