It's a new season. This means adding some steps to your haircare routine will keep your hair moisturized, smooth, and shiny during the fall months.

  1. Apply an oil such as argan or marula, from the mid shaft to the ends of your hair twice a week to avoid split ends and dryness.

  2. Avoid using products with high concentration of alcohol and sodium chloride. These ingredients tend to dry the hair out. As temperatures drop, avoid products that will dry your hair out even more.

  3. Incorporate products that are formulated with oils and natural waxes that tend to be richer in nutrients and protect your hair from the cold and dry weather.

  4. Try Cowashing. Only shampoo your hair twice a week, and skip shampoo for the rest. This will give your hair added moisture without stripping your hair of any nutrients it needs during the cold, dry, day.

  5. Avoid shampooing your hair in the morning. Instead, wash your hair before you go to bed. After shampooing, braid your hair with a dime sized amount of leave in conditioner. In the morning, you will have soft, moisturized waves that won’t frizz up.

Octavio MolinaComment