Though freshly signed with IPSY Beauty Studios, Lynette Cenee is no stranger to the beauty industry. Today, Lynette  talks a little bit about her favorite industry, and why her hair is so essential to her identity. 


The beauty industry is such a fun industry to be a part of, I mean what's not to love? I think the main thing I really enjoy is collaborating and networking. There is endless conversation and creativity its wonderful. Just remember, we must invest on inner beauty even more so than outward which is far harder to maintain and keep manicured ;) so sticking with people that are empowering one another in this industry has been a huge must for me which is why I'm grateful to know Octavio, he's a true gem.

I have had my hair all different lengths, seriously. I even had the shaved sides like Rihanna back in the day so I have been quite brave when it comes to my hair. I think your hair is such a great form of self expression and since it grows back you can explore new things and try new shades which is a huge part in dialing in your identity. Right now I'm having a blonde moment and in case you were wondering I must say, I've had just as much fun as a brunette ;)




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