Meet Kristina Ross, our summer guest editor. Kristina is a 21 year old California based blogger, who began blogging as a creative and personal outlet. Today, we're talking to Kristina about her life, her blog, and her hair. 

Working with Kristina, it doesn't take long to notice she has a light that is hard to dim. Her kindhearted and creative spirit quickly came through as we began to shoot in Malibu, California. What inspired us most about Kristina was her reason for starting up her blog, The Ugly Girls Club

"The inspiration behind creating my blog was to create an outlet for myself. I struggled a lot in terms of being open with my mental illnesses and often times it lead to breakdowns. It wasn't healthy at all and I knew something needed to change. Going into it I had made a promise to myself that I would always be 100% real when talking about my anxiety, depression, emetophobia and/or agoraphobia. I felt if I was going to finally open up, I would do it in the most honest way possible. I take so much pride in how open I am about my struggles because it's not something everyone feels comfortable doing. This means people aren't talking and the severity of mental illnesses are being swept under the rug. The Ugly Girls Club was made to be this raw, brutally honest place where people, both younger and older, could come to and read about the reality of life and hopefully get some reassurance. Never in my life did I ever think someone would come to me and call me their inspiration or tell me that I inspired them to be less ashamed with the fact that they have a mental illness. It warms my heart more than I can put into words and gives me the little push I need whenever I find myself feeling down."
"The impact the online community has had on my life has been so positive. I've learn to be more open about things, I'm being educated about things happening all over the world, I've met friends that go through the same thing and we've become support systems for eachother - it's all so great. The Internet can be a scary place, but from my experience nothing but good has come from it for me."

The blog has a clean aesthetic with bright and friendly graphics. The posts, whether it be a day at a museum, a review of a new beauty product, or an entry in her series titled "mental health diaries", the impression her writing leaves is that of complete authenticity. There is no ego in her writing, no false sugar coating on top - it's real and it's wonderful. On the name of her blog, Kristina talks about how the title doesn't mean what people seem to think it means.

The name 'The Ugly Girls Club' came about in September of 2014. The meaning behind it is a lot less literal than everyone seems to think - it's completely detached from any factor of someone's appearance or gender. When I came up with the name, what immediately came to mind was a safe haven for the creative soul - the people who are deemed weird and awkward by society because they're "different" and don't go out of their way to fit in with the "norm". I wanted to make "ugly" a word that wasn't frowned upon or grimaced at and more accepting - "I'm me and I'm fine with that". 

We are so excited to have Kristina as our Summer guest editor. This summer, she's going to be sharing advice for women with curly hair. 

Now that I'm older, my hair connects to my confidence tremendously. It's just something so beautiful and freeing to have this big head of ringlets sitting on top of your head. Like I mentioned in a previous question, it's something I get the most compliments on and it's usually a good conversation starter. 

You can read more from Kristina throughout the summer on the blog, and on The Ugly Girls Club

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