Advice from a girl with curly hair, from guest editor Kristina Ross, founder of creative blog The Ugly Girls Club.

I've never faced ridicule or been teased about my hair. I've definitely gotten the 'your hair looks better straight, 'you should straighten your hair more' lines that I feel every curly girl has gotten multiple times." I have felt very insecure about my hair. When you're finally teenager, you start noticing things about yourself more and start trying to change up your look to fit in. I'd literally straighten my hair every single day, there was not a day that went by where my hair wasn't straight. I don't want to blame it on the media, but I feel like never really seeing girls with curls back then made me feel like it didn't hold as much beauty as straight hair did. Here are five pieces of advice I have for girls with curly hair like mine:

1. Don't ever let anyone make you feel as though your hair is unacceptable or unattractive. This could be in the job place, family, friends or just random people on the street. Your natural hair is one of a kind and the beauty of it deserves to be flaunted. 

2. Stay away from heat tools!!! Straightening on special occasions is fine, but try your best keep those gorgeous curls away from any type of heat to keep them in tip top shape. 

3. Cowashing is a lot better than shampooing. Cowashing is essentially just washing your hair with conditioner, omitting shampoo. Cowashing during every shower and shampoo once a week, only focusing on your roots! Don't shampoo the ends of your hair because they're what's most delicate and the shampoo will strip it leaving it prone to breakage. Also try using sulfate-free everything. 

4. Deep conditioning products are your best friends!

5. Cantu products have worked wonders on my hair and I stand by their products 100%. Some other curl friendly brands I like are Shea Moisture and Mixed Chicks! 

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