I spent some much of my time traveling from one place to the other, whether I am Los Angeles or New York I am always on the hunt for fun, healthy and exciting places to meet someone for a drink, a meeting or grab a quick bite to eat. "PLACES" is a new blog series that highlights some of the coolest spots in Los Angeles, NYC and soon Mexico City, (that is right taking this baby on the road). So read along, share with me your fave spots/coffee shops and restaurants and let's explore this beautiful world together 🌎🌍🌏

Eat: The Larder at Tavern

By far one my favorites spots in West Los Angeles for happy hour. Super delicious bites, try their Baja tacos with a glass of RosΓ© and you will thank me for the rest of your life. Not big on wine? Head there in the morning and grab a coffee and a pastry and you might run into David Beckham all sweaty from a Soul Cycle class, trust me, worth the calories. 



Drink: Alfred Coffee Brentwood

This tiny Alfred location is the perfect place for a caffeine pick me up. With friendly staff, brightly tiled walls, and the best almond milk iced latte in town, you'll be roped into becoming a regular before your espresso shots are poured in.

Sweat: Kenter Canyon

Kenter Canyon is a favorite neighborhood hiking spot for Brentwood locals. Kenter is low-key, family friendly, and never overcrowded. I like it because it doesn't require a full face of makeup or fancy outfits (Runyon, anyone?), and you won't have to fight the bottle blonde next to you for the best instagram photo angle. 

 Octavio M.