Where We're Going: Brentwood

At Octavio HQ, we love spending time in places that embody the spirit of our products. Brentwood is the place where everyone is sporting an "I care but I don't care" look. Here you'll find people sporting expertly tailored sweatpants, effortlessly cool T Shirt and jeans look (how does she look so put together in a tee and jeans?!), and dozens of designer strollers (yes, designer. strollers.). We like Brentwood because it's friendly, relaxed, and low-key. Littered with coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants, Brentwood has become the go to place on the west side of LA.  If you're passing through, here are our favorite spots in Brentwood to eat, stop, and shop. 

Eat: The Larder at Tavern

The bright and amicable ambiance of The Larder reflects the farm to table freshness of the dishes. Featuring expertly seasoned veggies, fresh baked goods, and delicious soups and sandwiches, it's the perfect place to grab a bite.


Drink: Alfred Coffee Brentwood

This tiny Alfred location is the perfect place for a caffeine pick me up. With friendly staff, brightly tiled walls, and the best almond milk iced latte in town, you'll be roped into becoming a regular before your espresso shots are poured in.

Sweat: Kenter Canyon

Kenter Canyon is a favorite neighborhood hiking spot for Brentwood locals. Kenter is low-key, family friendly, and never overcrowded. We like it because it doesn't require a full face of makeup (Runyon, anyone?), and you won't have to fight the bottle blonde next to you for the best instagram photo angle. 

Brentwood reflects what we represent here at Octavio HQ, effortless and easy beauty. So spray in some La Playa or freshen up with your dry shampoo and head down San Vicente! 

Octavio Molina2 Comments