Our site got a little bit of plastic surgery. Very LA, we know. Let’s walk you through our brand new look.


LOOKBOOKS - Check out our brand new photo collections for inspiration on how and where to wear your Octavio hair. Our newest lookbook, “California Cool” takes you to Venice Beach, California. Hash tag salt spray dreams.

KITS - Kit (acronym): Keep It Together. Octavio has hand picked products to create these perfect bundles of our favorite hair perfecting magicians. You can use these kits to achieve specific looks. Our Beach Kit gives you carefree, breezy flow, while our Survival Kit is your go to for shiny and sleek. These are also perfect for quick gifting. Check out our full list of kits at

SOCIAL MEDIA - Head to our Instagram and Snapchat for Octavio Adventure. Whether we are doing step by step hair tutorials in Malibu, shooting on Melrose, or getting our festival on in the middle of the California Desert, there’s always something to see on our page.

DEALS - If you sign up for our email newsletter (we promise we won’t spam you), you get ten percent off of your first order!

Now that you know where to go, well, go!

See you there!



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