FILM DIARY 002: Behind the Scenes of SS 2017

Film can bring a unique softness, character to a project. In this behind the scenes, you can see how traditional film and modern, cutting edge hair products work divinely together to bring a refreshing and classic outlook that rises above ever-changing fashion fads, creating a new way to be fashion forward with ease and style.

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DYNAMIC DOUBLE TEXTURE. Styled with Champu Seco Dry Shampoo, La Playa Salt Spray and Barro Styling Clay. 

Crown and Roots:

Begin by spraying La Playa salt spray to the roots of the hair to create the wet and texturized look.

Follow by applying Barro styling clay to the roots, running a comb through hair to create combed out a crown.

Mid Shaft to Ends:

Use a 1 1/4 inch curling iron to curl random pieces of the hair, creating indentions within the texture.

Finish off by applying Champu Seco dry shampoo to the bottom half of the hair to give it a light and airy texture

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TGIF Tutorial: Texturized TopKnot

A simple way to keep hair out of your face while looking stylish for any occasion. 

TGIF Tutorial: Texturized Topknot


1.  Prep the hair with Barro styling clay to give hair control and body.

2. Gather hair from the corners the crown and pull to the back of your head.

3. Secure hair with an elastic band.

4. Twist hair around the elastic to create a top knot.

5. Loosen pieces of hair around the front of your face, and finish the bottom half of hair with La Playa Salt Spray for a beachy texture. 


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